Can Cannabis Help Patients In Pain Avoid Opioids? Many Are Trying

Since February, patients in Illinois have been able to ditch their opioid prescriptions for marijuana.

A new program is designed to let patients who might not qualify for the state’s regular medical marijuana program exchange an opioid prescription, like Oxycontin, for weed.

“We have almost 900 patients enrolled in the program now,” said Conny Mueller-Moody, who works on medical cannabis at the Illinois Department of Public Health. “And over 300 physicians who have created a user account and submitted a physician certification for a patient.”

There is no restriction on what conditions qualify for the program, only that the patient have an existing relationship with the provider and an existing opioid prescription. Certification must be renewed every 90 days.

Treating Chronic Pain

The state is still gathering statistics on why patients are participating. But nationwide, chronic pain is the most common reason people turn to medical marijuana.

For some people, pot is more appealing than powerful

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