Cannabis tampon startup Daye is tackling period pain

“CBD oil helps my body relax.”

Meanwhile a rival London startup OHNE already sells organic tampons and recently launched an ‘Anti-Teardrop’ CBD oil for customers to pipette onto their products before use.

“CBD oil helps my body relax, specifically relaxing the cramping muscles and allows me to feel calm rather than really stressed whilst the cramps are hitting hard,” OHNE founder Nikki Michelsen tells Sifted. “We won’t be stopping there.”

CBD startups buzz in Britain, Austria and Germany

Tampon startups aren’t the only ones capitalising on CBD’s pain relief properties.

“There is a virgin category being formed which is incredibly exciting.

Propping up the global $1bn industry are founders developing edible supplements, e-cigarettes and skin creams for the treatment of physical ailments, anxiety and depression.

Market research firm Brightfield Group projects the European CBD market will grow to nearly $1.7bn by 2023, with the UK and Austria

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