CBD Oil: What it is and isn’t

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Doctors and nurse practitioners in Virginia can now prescribe cannabis-based products and as the conversation around that expands, CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular.

Many people use it for different reasons.

For Madison Davis in Hampton, it’s one of many different cannabis products she uses that, at 10 years old, helps her do activities and live life like most kids her age.

“She runs. She jumps. She plays,” said her mother, Melanie Davis. “She has the life that a child should have and the only difference between her and all of those kids who have a similar course is that she’s on cannabis. That’s it.”

Madison’s battle with cancer started at a young age, and the last five years for their family has been anything but simple.

“I’m going to have to count them. She’s had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… at least nine brain tumors and at

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