CBD Using Granny is Threatening to Sue Disney World for False Imprisonment

A great-grandmother arrested at Disney World for possession of peppermint flavored CBD, which she uses to manage pain, is demanding an apology from Disney and the Orange County Sherriff’s office for violating her civil rights, reports NBC affiliate station WESH. The woman, 69-year-old Hester Jordan Burkhalter of North Carolina, has already retained the services of high profile attorney Benjamin Crump, who represented Trayvon Martin’s family in the aftermath of his shooting.

Burkhalter was at Disney World last month, on a vacation that she had planned for years, when an Orange County, Fl. police officer arrested her at a checkpoint after discovering peppermint-flavored CBD oil in her purse. Her doctor had recommended it to treat her arthritis pain. Acting responsibly, she even had a note from the doctor in her purse, which she showed to the arresting officer. None of that mattered, however, and Burkhalter spent 12 hours behind

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