#ICYMI: Measles, UPAC, Bill 21, Transat AT, more news

Here are some of the top stories on the Gazette site Thursday, May 16, 2019.


The Montreal Public Health Department has declared the city’s first community measles outbreak in years after a girl contracted the highly contagious disease from a member of her family and then transmitted it to a health worker. More here.


In the wake of an increase in the incidence of cannabis intoxication among young children, the Trauma Centre of the Montreal Children’s Hospital has issued an alert about the need to properly store cannabis products. More here.



Florida police have arrest a 28-year-old man in connections with the deaths of Quebec couple last March. More here.


Fresh allegations involving Quebec’s anti-corruption unit, once held up as the police force that would rekindle citizens’ trust in their institutions, are roiling the province’s political class. More here.


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