Insiders have been selling Bubs and this ASX share this week

Insider buying is often regarded as a bullish indicator as few people should know a company better than its own directors.

The theory is that if they have the confidence to buy shares, it could be a sign that things are going well and they expect them to appreciate in value.

Conversely, when directors sell shares it is often regarded as a bearish indicator as you’d be unlikely to sell shares if you felt they were about to increase in value.

With that in mind, here are three shares which have recently experienced notable insider selling:

Bubs Australia Ltd (ASX: BUB)

According to a change of director’s interest notice, the founder and CEO of this infant formula and baby products company has offloaded a large number of shares. Over the space of five days, Mrs Kristy Carr sold a total of 4 million shares at an average of $1.48 per share. This equates to

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