The Legality of Cannabis-Infused Food and Drink in Boston

Massachusetts voters moved to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November 2016, but the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) still hasn’t decided how to handle bars and restaurants that wish to host special events at which they serve marijuana-infused food and beverages. The Boston Licensing Board (BLB) recently put venues on notice, threatening the revocation of liquor and food licenses for any venues not in compliance.

“All holders of a Common Victualler or Alcoholic Beverages License issued by the board are formally on notice by the board of the illegality of such an event,” the advisory reads. “Any business which hosts such an event at its Licensed Premise does so at the peril of any license issued by the board.”

The CCC voted Thursday to approve a pilot program that would grant Massachusetts venues infused event licenses for social consumption of marijuana-infused food and beverage,

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