Why Veterans Are Starting Cannabis Businesses: ‘We Are Prepared To Move In Any Direction’

As cannabis is increasingly discussed as a treatment option for veterans grappling with conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and pain, a growing number of veteran-owned businesses in the cannabis space are expanding on the connection. 

From Military To Marijuana

Veterans who spoke with Benzinga noted a variety of reasons for becoming cannabis entrepreneurs.

Some said they’re providing cannabis to treat pain, just as the plant does for them. Others saw an opportunity to use the skills they learned in the military.

Craig Henderson is an Army veteran and the founder of the CBD brand Extract Labs in Boulder, Colorado. Henderson started the company with the aim of helping to heal fellow veterans with PTSD and injuries incurred while serving. What he once saw as a modest operation is proving to grow beyond his expectations.

“I decided, maybe I could start something in my garage and see where it goes,” Henderson said of his original plans. “Two months

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