How Cannabis Branding Has Changed Since Legalization

In the old days, weed “branding” was defined by plastic baggies, pot leaf imagery, tie-dye, and in some cases, imagery of conventionally hot girls in bikinis or booty shorts. The messages back then revolved around weed as a stereotypically male stoner pastime, whilst alienating women, or those who didn’t appreciate the strip club aesthetic in connection to their medicinal or recreational products.

But in recent years, and especially in legal states, this has all begun to change. We talk about “cannabis” far more often than we talk about marijuana, pot, weed, or ganja. And while sex still sells, the legal cannabis industry has adopted more sophisticated ways of appealing to customers. While the choice of products used to be more or less confined to bud, shake, homemade edibles, and resins, we now have dozens of ways to consume, and hundreds of brands aiming to convince us to give them a try.

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