How Legalization is Changing Humboldt County: A Story in the New Yorker

New Yorker Values Humboldt Cannabis

Humboldt County marijuana, the county seal, and the iconic first cover of the New Yorker drawn by Rea Irvin.

Values…Today’s New Yorker, that quintessential East Coast cultural magazine known for rigorous fact checking, gives a skeptical though somewhat sympathetic look at Humboldt County values and how they are affected by legalization.

The writer, Emily Witt, states that “the farmers of Humboldt are now trying to convince regulators and buyers that these outlaws who had profited off prohibition were not greedy criminals but people who stood for something: stewardship of the land, the biodiversity of a crop, resistance to corporate consolidation, and a spiritual connection to a psychoactive plant.”

The piece which takes a serious, long look at the local culture is well worth the read as a summary of what occurred here over the last 50 years and

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