Farmer Max a full-service cannabis business

WATSONVILLE — Watsonville-based Farmer Max got its start in 2012 when Max Cain purchased the 15-acre property on Green Valley Road.

It is now a successful small-scale family-owned cannabis cultivation, production and distribution business, which he runs with his wife Kristi.

Max started by growing shishito peppers and strawberries, both of which garnered praise locally for their quality.

But his vision for his business was always to grow cannabis. The couple’s dreams for the property include making it a destination for cannabis connoisseurs, with a tasting room similar to those of wineries.

For now, they stay busy growing several strains of marijuana plants, including Koko Puffs, Milk and Cookies and the popular Kosher Tangie. These they provide to dispensaries such as Santa Cruz Naturals, Tree House and Kind People’s Collective.

They also package and process the plant for other growers, and manufacture products such as

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