Is Marijuana the New Martini? | Acumen | OZY

Every night before she goes to bed, Holly Byerly takes three to four drops of a tincture that’s half CBD and half THC. “I mostly use it for migraines, which I was getting up to 15 times a month,” explains Byerly, who works at a medical spa in the Bay Area. Since starting her nightly cannabis routine, she estimates she gets an average of two migraines monthly.

As states and countries across the world continue to fully legalize marijuana, a growing number of people are following Holly’s lead. Fears in the alcohol industry that legalization of medical and recreational cannabis might dampen sales have been at least somewhat realized: A 10-year study from an international team of researchers found that alcohol sales in areas of the U.S. with legal medical cannabis saw a 15 percent decrease compared to areas without such laws. But it’s not just

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