Harrisville opens for marijuana business | News, Sports, Jobs

The ordinances go into effect on June 26, after notice has been formally published in the local newspaper.

Mayor Jeff Gehring said city officials worked hard and he believes a medical marijuana facility or recreational marijuana establishment could be a “building block” that would allow additional development to come to the city. Gehring said the city has already had one “quite serious” inquiry, and he believes the city council’s gamble in spending the money to develop the ordinances will pay off. Harrisville paid Tom Reif, consultant with Michigan Municipal Cannabis Consultants, $5,000 to help draft its ordinances.

“I think we’re going down the right track,” Gehring said. “Everything is looking good, and I’m pretty excited. There’s been more interest in town than there has been in a long time, so I’m happy about that.”

Gehring said that, when people see that the marijuana initiative is successful, maybe they’ll

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