Craft Cultivators Take Meticulous Steps to Ensure Cannabis Quality

NEW YORK, June 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As cannabis continues to become more mainstream in modern day society, new users are eager to get their hands on the latest craze. However, every individual user has different tolerance levels, meaning some users may require much more to feel the effects, while some may need a comparatively insignificant amount. In particular, consumers who use cannabis for medicinal purposes can face issues if their tolerance level increases and the drug loses potency. According to Analytical Cannabis, there were 22 unique studies involving 629 participants to study the effects of intoxication. Of the 22 studies, 15 found some positive evidence that higher cannabis tolerance affected intoxication. As a result, most users take short breaks from cannabis use, or more commonly known as “t-breaks,” which frequent recreational users have said that taking t-breaks can help reduce their tolerance levels. On the other hand, medical

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