How Cannabis Cultivators Can Factor DLI into Their Lighting Plans

Maintaining a uniform light level for cannabis crops year-round is the best way to ensure consistency, uniformity and predictability in production. Understanding daily light integral (DLI) is the best way for greenhouse and indoor growers to decide on the best approach to lighting in their facilities, according to Travis Higginbotham, director of global horticulture services for Fluence by OSRAM.

When deciding on a lighting strategy, growers often consider three characteristics: light quality, or the spectra of light being applied; light intensity, or the amount of light that reaches the plant in a single second in a square meter; and photoperiod, which is the length of the day that light is applied to the plant. DLI is an accumulation reading of how much light the plant has received within the entire photoperiod, and it is measured in moles per day.

DLI is most often considered in greenhouses, where additional lighting is

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