Cannabis ‘normalized,’ say Sonoma teens – Sonoma Index

Are teenagers agnostic about the hazards of cannabis? Has weed’s sudden ubiquity given them permission to use it?

“One hundred percent,” a SVHS sophomore honors student told the Index-Tribune.

“You normalize it and it doesn’t seem that bad,” agreed a St. Francis eighth grader whose name, like the other teens quoted in this story, the Index-Tribune is withholding for privacy purposes.

Sarah Cunningham and Richard Von Feldt agree with the kids and, as founders of the North Bay “marijuana prevention” company Panaptic, brought parents up to speed on the dangers of teen cannabis use in “Parenting in the Age of Legal Marijuana,” a presentation at Adele Harrison Middle School on Feb. 28.

“With cannabis gaining cultural acceptance, young people are a lot more likely to use,” Von Feldt said. “Since 2009, the industry — expected by 2024 to be valued between 55 and 85 billion — has gotten a lot better at

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