Forget the war on drugs — Marijuana is a war on chronic pain, says founder in ProjectUK cohort

Don’t look at marijuana through a societal lens, said Jessica Sanders. Instead view the natural substance as a potential life-saving measure.

“My mother had multiple sclerosis and seeing her suffer really changed a lot about me,” explained Sanders, founder of Lisa’s Gifts — a high-quality THC extraction facility named after Sanders’ mom, expected to provide and deliver THC-infused products.

“I’ve tackled THC as an entrepreneur by trying to defuse the negative emotions and stigmas that surround it,” Sanders said of her budding business, currently participating in the third cohort of Project United Knowledge.

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Jessica Sanders, Lisa's Gifts

Jessica Sanders, Lisa’s Gifts

“Research has shown that [THC] kills cancer cells, treats PTSD and helps with chronic pain such as arthritis. I see it as an opportunity

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