He’s a Veteran of Wars Over the Persian Gulf — and Marijuana Edibles

If America’s legal cannabis movement is going to be successful, it needs support from both of the major political parties and from people like Dan Anglin, a former U.S. Marine turned Republican lobbyist turned edibles entrepreneur. A veteran of Desert Storm as well as the early days of cannabis legalization in Colorado, Anglin has seen — and helped usher in — significant changes to laws and regulations surrounding cannabis edibles, while also starting a national brand of his own.

We chatted with Anglin about the early days of pot edibles, expanding his CannAmerica edibles into new states, and the political climate surrounding cannabis.

Westword: You served in the military and worked as a lobbyist for conservative business issues. How did you find yourself going from weapons systems to owning an edibles company?

Dan Anglin: It all ties to my background in state government and policy-making. As a lobbyist, I ran my

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