How Cannabis Can Help Older Generations Work Longer And Boost Their Well-Being

By Nicole Skrobin.

Out of all drugs, cannabis is the most widely consumed illegal/illicit drug by both young and old adults.

A recent study focused on cannabis usage amongst older adults revealed noteworthy findings — mostly because the largest increase in cannabis usage was the older adult generation (baby boomers). Essentially, it was discovered that cannabis consumption rates amongst adults aged 65 and older had the largest increase, suggesting that adult generations may be able to work longer and experience a well-being boost due to cannabis consumption.  

Gerontology Geriatric Medicine Review Findings Worth Paying Attention To

Last June, a gerontology and geriatric medicine review was conducted that revealed some interesting findings. For starters, out of all age groups that consume cannabis, recently, cannabis usage increased the most amongst individuals aged 65 and above. It was even