Ohio medical marijuana prices are still high but going down as market grows


Ohio’s seed to sale process for producing medical marijuana.
Michael Nyerges, Cincinnati Enquirer

COLUMBUS – As sales of medical marijuana in Ohio approach $10 million, the average price for bud is going down.

Ohio dispensaries sold $9.68 million of medical marijuana between Jan. 16, when sales began at four dispensaries, and June 8, when 18 dispensaries had opened. That includes 1,181 pounds of dried flower and 12,152 units of tinctures, vaping oils and edibles.

Prices have been steep as the program gets up and running. For the first two months of sales, prices averaged $471.86 per ounce, according to an Enquirer analysis of Department of Commerce data.

Last week, the average sale price was down to $420.20 an ounce. That’s less than the average price reported in March for Pennsylvania, where sales started last year, but more than in

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