Ontario Cannabis Store issues call for edible, topical products

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) put a call out for edible and topical cannabis products Sunday as Canada’s cannabis industry gears up for a new wave of legalization in the fall.

The call asked for product submissions for edibles, beverages, topicals, and extracts, saying that these new products will be available online through OCS.ca and “authorized private retail stores” in Ontario once they are legalized.

“This product call marks an important milestone in securing a broad variety of cannabis products that meet the preferences of Ontario consumers,” OCS President and CEO Patrick Ford said.

“We are committed to working towards eliminating the illegal market by diversifying our legal and tested product selection and offering customers the products they are excited about.”

The legal sale of edibles in the fall is being labelled the “second phase” of cannabis legalization, and some consider it a second chance for Canada to get cannabis

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