How long does an edible high last?

The edibles are coming. The edibles are coming…the legal ones, that is.

With edibles set to become available this fall as part of Canada’s highly anticipated second wave of cannabis legalization, consumers will be able to legally purchase commercially made edibles, giving them a convenient alternative to home baking.

Traditional consumers may already be in the know, but those eager to try pot-containing treats for the first time might be wondering how long the high will last. The simple question does not warrant such a simple answer, as there are a number of variables involved in consuming edibles.

How long does the average high last from edibles?

Dr. Michael Verbora, a cannabinoid clinician who is also chief medical officer at Aleafia Health Inc., says the average edible high typically lasts six to eight hours. “Some people metabolize THC differently, so it [the high] can be slightly

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