Puff, cough, pass? Five easy ways to avoid a sore throat from smoking cannabis

Smoking weed can be a love-hate relationship for many.

Canadians, especially non-medical users, seem to love smoking cannabis. But the afterglow of that treasured toke oftentimes leads to a not-so-loveable condition: sore throat.

“I have been using cannabis for 24 years, but whenever I would smoke, I would experience a burning sensation in my throat and lungs,” says Paul Svoboda, hemp and cannabis aficionado from Spain, who runs the YouTube channel, CBD Love. For Svoboda, the symptoms of sore throat included “excessive saliva production, extremely dry cough, dry nose and difficulty breathing and tasting.”

An ideal smoke session shouldn’t leave a person’s throat feeling sore and irritated. To avoid such a situation, cannabis users share their tricks and tips:

Consider switching to a vape

“I definitely experienced a difference between smoking and vaping,” says Lily Hall, founder of The High Blog,

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