Learn, play, smoke

What does cannabis have to do with working out and staying fit? Ellementa, a global platform for canna-curious women, aims to answer these questions in their upcoming session, “Let’s Talk About: Cannabis and Fitness.” Andrea Meharg, a former elementary school teacher turned cannabis wellness coach and educator, will lead the discussion.

3. Rocky Mountain Cannabis Connection

When: July 20–21
Where: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Hosted at Rancho Relaxo Resort, one of Alberta’s prime eco-tourism destinations, this event offers activities for both budding entrepreneurs and growers as well as bud enthusiasts. The schedule includes camping, live music and workshops on subjects ranging from cooking with cannabis to ganja yoga to sex and parenting in relation to marijuana. Smoking, vaping and any other forms of cannabis consumption are allowed. Attendees are advised to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud).

4. Wiz Khalifa: The Decent Exposure Tour

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