Pro-pot laws are boosting Canada’s travel appeal, just not for Canadians: poll |

Canada is an incredibly vast and beautiful country with natural and cultural attractions from coast-to-coast, like Vancouver’s beaches, Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and prairie plains, the European-style streets of Quebec City, Ontario’s Niagara Falls and the Cabot Trail out east. But those national highlights haven’t really changed for quite some time.

What is new is cannabis legislation, specifically the law that states that it’s now legal to consume recreational cannabis throughout Canada.

And that, according to a

recent study

by, has been drawing international tourists’ attention to Canada.

Cannabis legalization boots tourism to Canada

“A look at searches and bookings for Canada globally have increased by 38 per cent, year over year, which shows Canada is definitely on the world’s travel radar,” says Marissa Hills, Market Growth Lead at Skyscanner, a travel website that aggregates airfare prices.

Canada is not only maintaining its appeal as a

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