Region seeing pot revenue windfall

Marijuana revenue might be disappointing at the state level, but local communities are singing a different tune.

Currently, four retail pot shops are open in Central Massachusetts: Caroline’s Cannabis in Uxbridge, Cultivate Holdings LLC in Leicester, Sanctuary Medicinals LLC in Gardner and Good Chemistry of Massachusetts Inc. in Worcester.

Gardner has received $50,000 in sales tax, plus around $15,000 in host agreement payments from Sanctuary Medicinals, which opened for retail sales in March.

Mayor Mark P. Hawke called the revenue “not enough,” saying there was no shortage of municipal needs, but it is helping to fund a new elementary school.

Hawke had campaigned against recreational marijuana, citing concerns about issues in Colorado with children getting into edible cannabis products.

Gardner voters, who supported legalization by 55%-45%, made no move to ban retail pot shops. A zoning ordinance limits the number of stores to two, based on 20% of retail liquor licenses.

So far

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