Can Small Business Survive in the World of Big Cannabis?

If you can say one thing about the Pioneer Valley, it’s that we love local. We champion and support small business, artists, makers, musicians, farmers, organic food, craft beer and pretty much artisanal anything. My recent expedition to INSA — the adult recreational use dispensary in Easthampton where I stuck my toes into the world of modern cannabis — sparked my curiosity and got me thinking about local in a different light.

Technically, all legal cannabis is local — cultivated, processed, and sold in Massachusetts — because importing product from one cannabis-friendly state to another is a big federal no-no. But with very few exceptions, the Commonwealth’s cannabis industry currently consists mainly of big players with very deep pockets and a hefty head start on small business owners (more on that in a minute). That includes multi-state operations like Surterra Wellness, which recently bought Northampton’s NETA, and

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