History of Cannabis Regulation

The support for cannabis legalization is growing every year as more countries continue to explore opportunities within the cannabis industry. In particular, the North American region is witnessing an immense swelling of support for legalization. For instance, last year Canada’s federal government decided to legalize adult-use cannabis, making it the second nation to ever do so.

Now, the U.S. and Mexico are also experiencing strong advocacy for the legalization of cannabis and although citizens from both nations are actively supporting legalization, the federal government has not implemented a program yet. However, the U.S. government has granted the power to legalize the plant to each individual state. As a result, more than half the U.S. has legalized cannabis for medical use, while just over a fifth has permitted its legal, recreational use.

To better illustrate the shift, in the early 2000s, approximately 31% of Americans supported the legalization of marijuana. By 2018, six in every

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