ManifestSeven Launches Retail Omnichannel “Weden”


 1-800-CANNABIS, e-commerce, dispensary and delivery services combined into single brand platform to optimize customer experience

ManifestSeven (“M7” and formerly known as MJIC), California’s first integrated omnichannel platform for legal cannabis, today launched its new innovative retail marketplace “Weden,” merging the company’s e-commerce, storefront, delivery and call center services into a singular consumer-facing brand.

Weden will operate as the business-to-consumer division of ManifestSeven, which is continuing to invest in building infrastructure and supply chain solutions for the industry.

The launch of Weden rebrands M7’s recent strategic acquisitions and legacy retail portfolio under one identity, including a 7,200-square-foot flagship dispensary in Santa Ana, California; delivery service M Delivers, which serves more than 30,000

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