Rocky Mountain High

Breckenridge with the Rockies in the background. Photo by Polecat Communications.

We hadn’t been to Breckenridge since marijuana became legal in Colorado.

Could that be right? According to Wikipedia, the state legalized pot in January 2014, more than five years ago.

So, I guess it was. The last time we went to the mountains was an ill-fated trip to Estes Park, a switch from our usual long summer weekend trip to Breck. It turned out to be a mistake. The “rustic river cabin” rental we’d blindly chosen online wound up being a shack that stood alongside a row of shacks in a converted trailer park. The single room building hadn’t been touched since the early ‘70s and smelled like a natural gas leak. The floors slanted — drop a tennis ball and it would roll across the floor — a carnival fun

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