County’s New Cannabis Industry Microgrant Program Gears Up With First Meeting of Advisory Committee

‘Project Trellis’ graphic.




County government’s newest committee — the Cannabis Micro-grant
and Loan Advisory Committee — had its first meeting yesterday, and
members spent the time outlining the bylaws and structure of the
committee, electing the officials, and generally getting ready to
give out cash.

committee will oversee the loan and grant process for businesses and
individuals seeking assistance in the cannabis industry. Its main
function, according to its establishing resolution, is to “announce,
review, rank and select applications for micro-grant and loan monies”
and to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, which then
doles out the funds.

committee is part of Project Trellis, and it has seven members. Jim
Groeling represents District 1, Thomas Mulder represents District 2,
Hollie Hall represents District 3, Richard Marks represents District
4, Sarah Bolster represents District 5 and Richard Ames and Hannah
Joy are the two at-large members.

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