Editorial: Fairfax cautious on approving pot businesses

One would think Fairfax might not have as much trouble laying the foundation for the opening of marijuana stores, with 77% of the town’s voters endorsing the legalization of recreational pot when it was on California’s ballot in 2016.

After nearly 20 years of playing host to Marin’s first walk-in medical marijuana dispensary, Fairfax has the trouble-free experience of that retail operation on which to shape its policies for one or two local pot shops.

But regardless of the 2016 vote, Fairfax officials have struggled to come up with local rules. After months of meetings and debate, the council has agreed to allow two delivery-only outlets for recreational cannabis. The council’s approval earmarks one of the two permits for the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, the business that operated in the town for years, but is awaiting a state permit to start delivery of recreational pot to adults over 21.

The town permits

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