Five Agile Questions With Benzi Ronen, CEO: Indose

I love the cannabis micro-dosing, hand-held vaporizer named Indose. This marriage of medical-inspired design allows the cautious consumer of medical THC and CBD to control the exact intake of their medicine in an extremely non-confrontational manner. Smoke of any kind is definitely confrontational, especially with the sometimes pungent cannabis smoke. Everyone knows your business, therefore cannabis stigmas are perpetuated. It’s a fact of life out here in the eastern part of the country where smoking cannabis is still frowned upon, if not outright illegal. Enter the Indose. Hardly more than two and a half inches in overall length and about a half an inch in width. It’s handsomely designed with a pinched-in integral mouthpiece and comes very clearly marked either Sa for Sativa or In for Indica

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