PAX Labs Partners with Headset For Better Cannabis Vaporizer Inventory Management

Leading Data and analytics company Headset has announced its partnership with PAX Labs, a top consumer technology brand. The collaboration offers PAX Labs real-time insights for better market intelligence and informed decision making.

Headset’s vendor-managed inventory technology (VMI) will help the PAX Labs brand, retailers and partners at easily accessing product sales, availability, and velocity – and hence achieve better inventory management. The technology will reduce chances of understocked and overstocked retailers which could result in unsatisfied customers and tied up working capital or losses.

Headset will help PAX retailers reorder inventory when the stock is low. PAX partners will simultaneously get alerts when there are low inventory levels and will thus drive seamless conversations with their retailers for the overall good of the consumers.

Talking about the partnership, the CEO and Co-founder of Headset said the VMI technology would enable better trust and collaboration between producers and retailers, and hence maintain

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