Recreational marijuana won’t limit potency in edibles


A claim by organizers of an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana for adults that it would limit the dosage of THC in edible products is false.

In its initial news release last week, Smart Safe Arizona said if voters approve the measure in 2020 users would not be able to buy brownies, drinks and other products with more than 10 milligrams per serving of THC at state-regulated stores. That’s the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that creates the “high.”

In fact, the actual language of the initiative spells out that 10 milligram figure actually is a floor, forbidding the state Department of Health Services from setting rules which limit the strength of edibles to less than that amount.

And the proposal, being financed by the marijuana industry, also bars state health officials from prohibiting less than 100 milligrams – 10 doses at

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