Israeli-based Cannibble Launches USA Line of Cannabis-Infused Edibles, The Pelicann

Cannibble, an Israeli-based cannabis-based edibles developer have launched a new brand, The Pelicann, to lead its line of products. Targeting its massive market, Cannibble will manufacture The Pelican products within the USA.

The Product introduces powder mixes infused with cannabinoid and hemp products. With straightforward preparation ideas, consumers can make cupcakes, shakes, and other edibles within seconds.

Pelican hemp products are easy to spot and are available in three families of cannabis due to their unique colors. Cannibble manufactures all foods with strict adherence to legal protocols and cannabinoids dosages.

The cannabis edibles market is growing fast – approximately $2.376 billion in 2018, and expected to be around $11.564 billion by 2025. Besides, the edibles market has reached 100% of consumers; five times the reach of smoking products and Cannibble and is now looking to acquire more sales points such as dispensaries and convenience stores.

Some of the products in the first

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