Here Are Five Theories For What’s Causing The Vaping Lung Illnesses

On Thursday, the New York State health department announced that Vitamin E acetate, an oily chemical found in some foods and lotion, was “now a key focus” of its investigation into the 34 cases in its state, after it turned up in at least one vape product inhaled by each patient.

The FDA’s Zeller pushed back against that conclusion a day later, suggesting that multiple chemicals found in vaping liquids were under investigation. But red herring or not, the finding solidified the leading theory about what is going on: A culprit chemical added to THC-containing vaping liquids that triggers an inflammatory response in the lungs, leading to scarring and other symptoms.

The first explanation offered was that the vaping mixtures were off, containing too much propylene glycol or glycerol oils that vaping flavors or ingredients are suspended in, or else burning it at too high a temperature. That

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