Businesses fear lack of readiness for recreational sales’ start Jan. 1

What happened in Naperville made real an ongoing concern for many Illinois cannabis operators who are increasingly uncertain about their ability to launch by New Year’s Day because of both rules that exist and those yet to be made.

Marijuana companies say they want to play by the book, but the book hasn’t been fully written as a host of administrative rules over recreational pot have yet to even be proposed.

“There will be a lot of dispensaries not ready,” said Gorgi Naumovski, CEO of Thrive Dispensary, which has two downstate locations. “We’re all in the dark.”

When Gov. J. B. Pritzker signed the legislation to legalize recreational marijuana June 25, it started a 180-day clock for various state agencies to propose and adopt administrative rules that will help regulate the nascent industry. That deadline falls just days before legal sales of weed are supposed to begin.

A half-dozen state agencies have authority to

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