How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Business in USA

Prateek Saxena

Everything is better with a bag of weed.

When Brian and Stewie from Family Guy sang and danced to the tune of everything is better with a bag of cannabis, little did they know that they are not just insinuating a happy world but also a green PL statement of businesses operating in the cannabis industry. 

With the legal marijuana market poised to be USD 66.3 billion world by the end of 2025, there is hardly any cannabis enthusiast and money enthusiast entrepreneur who is not thinking of entering the goldmine space. 

Now, while the stringent rules are keeping people from entering the industry as cultivators and dispensary owners, there are a few low-stringent sectors, which offer a chance at growing green money (pun intended). 

One such cannabis sector that entrepreneurs are willing to enter is Cannabis

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