LFP LONGFORM: Playing the school-closing waiting game

The Progressive Conservatives wasted little time putting their own stamp on the province after cruising to power in June 2018.

In their first 100 days, the PCs tossed overboard many of the signature policies of the Wynne Liberals. The cap and trade carbon pricing system, publicly owned cannabis stores, the $15-an-hour minimum wage and more than 750 green energy contracts, many in Southwestern Ontario, were broomed.

But the Doug Ford government, more than 14 months into its mandate, hasn’t changed course on a file affecting hundreds of communities across the province: The fate of half-empty schools.

The previous Liberal government, in the face of mounting criticism that a flawed funding model put rural schools at a disadvantage, slapped a moratorium on school closing reviews in June 2017. At the time, roughly 300 Ontario schools were slated for closing and 100 already shuttered.

The Tories have said they’re maintaining the moratorium until a

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