Marijuana Legalization: ‘Make It Legal Florida!’

Marijuana legalization is firing up. Currently, cannabis is legal for recreational use in ten states and Washington DC. Cannabis is legal for medical use in 33 states. Other states are also gearing up to legalize marijuana. Today, we’ll discuss how Florida is stepping up for cannabis legalization.

“Make it legal, Florida!”

Legalizing medical marijuana has been a challenge in Florida. There were low expectations for recreational marijuana legalization sooner. However, the legalization momentum has increased. Floridians support marijuana legalization. Looking at the initiatives, recreational legalization might see daylight in Florida by 2020.

Is Florida ready for recreational cannabis legalization?

Florida is an important state in the US. After legalizing medical cannabis in 2016, Florida is working to legalize adult-use marijuana by 2020. The progress is evident in the results of the Quinnipiac University poll in June. Notably, around 65% of voters in Florida support the idea of allowing possession of small amounts of

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