U.S. illness related to liquid vaporizers worries dry-herb vape makers

Call it a tale of two vapes: a lung illness related to liquid vaporizer devices, believed to have killed six people in the U.S. and sickened hundreds more, is raising concern among firms that manufacture and sell dry herb cannabis vaporizers, which have not been implicated in the outbreak.

The slim, portable gadgets involved in the ongoing public health crisis are called e-cigarettes by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, but are known more commonly as vape pens, or simply vapes.

They deliver potent hits of vapour by heating up concentrated liquid forms of cannabis or nicotine, which may also include chemical-thickening agents. One such thickener, Vitamin E acetate, is suspected as one possible cause of the vaping-related illness, and has been found in some black-market vaping products in New York state.

Dry herb vaporizers work differently: they heat up cannabis bud in its plant form,

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