Why Does High-THC Flower Dominate the Cannabis Market?

With legalization, the cannabis market is rapidly expanding and the drive seems to be, in large part, to health and wellness, not getting high. This has meant an increased demand for no THC or low-THC edibles.

THC potency still dominates the flower market, but consumers are clearly looking for other components in the plant. More public education needs to happen, especially as new states with less sophisticated markets continue to legalize.

Dosage is an important part of the cannabis experience as well. If you don’t get enough potency from a 15% THC strain, it’s very easy to take another hit. When you start with a 30% THC strain, it’ll be harder for you to know if less would have been more.

Although THC is a beneficial compound, a high dose may turn off people who just want to take the edge off, not get zonked.

So why is it

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