Finally a vape that looks like a kazoo instead of an oboe. The Evoke Vaporizer is designed to look good when displayed on a desk or coffee table, going against the trend for making vaporizers discreet by disguising them as pens and so forth. It’s made from aluminum and wood (African sepele according to Evoke). […]


By Omar Sacirbey Following an anti-climactic launch to New York’s medical marijuana program last week in which some dispensaries did not see a single patient, the state’s licensed MMJ companies say they expected a slow start and will be able to survive until patient numbers pick up. “We had very low expectations for patient counts early,” […]

Oregon voters approved marijuana legalization during the 2014 Election. The Oregon Legislature allowed licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to start limited sales in October 2015. Only seeds, clones, and flower were allowed to be sold. Sales were tax free until today. A temporary 25% tax begins today. As an avid marijuana consumer, I can’t wait until […]

New York marijuana business leaders expected a slow start to the state’s medical marijuana program, which officially launched yesterday. But not this slow. Only a handful of patients visited dispensaries on opening day – an unprecedentedly low number for a program launch. What’s the problem? New York has thus far registered only 51 patients, state health […]

By Luke K. Stanton Jeffrey D. Welsh Legal cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the United States, with $2.4 billion in sales recorded in 2014. The number is expected to reach $8 billion by 2019. With a population of nearly 40 million people and retail sales in the legal market projected to range from […]

Prominent Chicago chef Mindy Segal announced Tuesday she plans to create a line of cannabis-infused edible products for medical marijuana patients. Segal, the owner of HotChocolate restaurant in Bucktown, has agreed to make a line of products for Cresco Labs, which plans to operate three cultivation centers in Illinois, according to an announcement by the […]

  Today I’m going to teach you an easy way to bring new life to your already vaped weed scraps. Yes, you can recycle your weed! Previously something you would have disposed, can give you a whole new high. Pretty much the closest thing to ganja wizardry.  When you’re on a budget, getting two highs out of one bud is […]

Most experts agree that vaporizing is better for you than smoking. The upward trend of vaporizing marijuana has many users touting its benefits when compared to other methods of consumption such as bongs, blunts or pipes. Health crazes come and go, but should vaping stay? Is vaporizing actually safe? We asked the experts to get […]