The notion of a 420-friendly vacation has outgrown the stoner pilgrimage to Amsterdam, infiltrating the United States alongside its burgeoning industry of legal cannabis. Among the many options to elevate your next trip, a stay at the Jupiter Hotel stands to guarantee a mind-boggling view of how Mary Jane rolls in Portland. The Jupiter Hotel […]

If you’re looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation spot, some destinations are no-brainers: Jamaica. Denver. And even Uruguay, which legalized cannabis in 2013. But for those who prefer more off-the-beaten track travel with top-notch cannabis, and minimal restrictions on possession and consumption, you might want to pack your parka and plan ahead for a trip to […]

The Drug Enforcement Administration flaked on its self-imposed deadline to announce whether to reschedule marijuana, and now it’s not clear when a decision might come. In April, the DEA told lawmakers in a letter that it was reviewing information on rescheduling and “hopes to release its determination in the first half of 2016.” That hope ended when June […]