Weed is going to be legal in Canada, and soon. In some sense, this was already a foregone conclusion, but what that looked like specifically, was not. As Bill C-45 wormed its way through Senate committees, reports, and multiple readings, the final shape of what legalization will look like in 2018 began to take shape. […]

A PotNetwork Exclusive While cannabis industry players boast of greenhouse sizes and grow capacities, all in anticipation of full legalization, mCig Group (OTCQB:MCIG) banks their success on subverting the traditional marijuana model. Founded as a vaporizer manufacturer, the company turned diversification into a core competency, transitioning into a full-service cannabis cultivation construction company with their […]

Great read! As you mentioned, we are starting to see support for the sector through publications by reputable brands such as Deloitte, and BMO. Momentum is returning to the market, and today was a strong indicator – one of the best days since January. That being said, I definitely agree that no one really knows. […]

Canada’s government is poised to approve sweeping cannabis legalization as soon as this week and could launch marijuana sales by late summer. The Canadian Senate, the members of which are appointed rather than elected, is likely to OK a  legalization measure Thursday after years of quiet study and discussion. After House approval, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government expects to […]