THREE CANADIAN WOMEN and a teenage girl are expected to appear in court today to face charges relating to the discovery of nearly 150 pounds of cannabis. Paige Amber Clark, Emma Jacqueline Young, Natalie Linton and Charlette Blackman arrived by air from Canada on the same flight on March 29. The drugs were allegedly found hidden […]

The Greenrush is on in Humboldt County. The forests echo with the rude belches of chainsaws, bulldozers and generators that terrorize wild animals, ruin our quality of life and decimate delicate forest ecosystems. While local environmental groups appease the greedy greenrushers with compliance workshops, water tank loans and “best practices” handbooks, one group of local […]

Note: Ronan Levy, director of Canadian Cannabis Clinics, said the company plans to open a clinic in Sudbury. An exact site for the clinic remains to be confirmed, but it will likely be downtown and operating this month. The Sudbury clinic will be 13th one in Ontario for the company, which is the country’s largest […]

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesThe Faraday Future FFZERO1 Concept, a high-performance electric vehicle built upon FF’s Variable Platform Architecture (VPA). See Also Faraday Future, the electric-car company that debuted a 1,000-horsepower electric concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, is starting to make some earnest moves to get its manufacturing operation […]

AP At the start of this year, Oregon lawmakers have been steadily working towards the goal of eventually having separate recreational and medical marijuana markets. The Oregon Health Administration will run the medical marijuana market and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would govern the recreational market – in the meantime, adults 21 and older are […]

Lars Ulrich Lars Ulrich is convinced Keith Richards could survive an apocalypse. Metallica star Lars Ulrich is convinced Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards will “outlive us all”. The 52-year-old drummer appeared on Thursday’s (31Mar16) episode of Craig Ferguson’s History Channel show Join or Die, where he mused about the world’s most influential band and when […]

It might not be as hazy as we think. A KVNU news report caught my attention this week, when they mentioned an earlier interview with Utah State Sen. Lyle Hillyard. Reportedly, Sen. Hillyard said that there are some issues from the 2016 legislative session that he would like to carry forward in discussions with his […]

“Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, so it makes investing very risky,” said Jessica Rabe, a research analyst with ConvergEx, a New York-based brokerage that released its outlook for the industry last week. Federal laws make it difficult for marijuana businesses to open bank accounts, and as a result many have gobs of […]

An eastern Canadian chain of medical marijuana clinics plans to tap into a growing Alberta market later this month by opening its first Edmonton location. Dr. Danial Schecter, who started Toronto’s Cannabinoid Medical Clinic in 2014 and now has five similar facilities, says doctors in the new office will offer examinations, evaluations, cannabis prescriptions and product advice. Patients must be referred by their doctors, who […]

If you enjoy weed, but live in a country or state where cannabis remains illegal, then observing the firing up of a lucrative legal marijuana market – the fastest growing industry in the US – may have left you a tad bemused, if not green with envy. The transformation of cannabis culture from being an […]

“My name is Tony Magee and I’m the founder of Lagunitas and I wake and bake every morning.” Okay, not exactly shocking news that the founder of Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewing is an avowed stoner (along with at least half of his staff, he admits). Most of us from around here remember that in the earlier […]