Cannabis Vacation

On Friday, Denver undercover police led a sting operation on the buses of two cannabis tourism companies, according to a Denverite report. Colorado Cannabis Tours and My 420 Tours both had buses raided. The police said they cited 31 people total during the sting. “We’re dealing with quite a shitstorm here.” — Cynthia Ord, marketing director for […]

Undercover police led a sting operation today that resulted in citations for employees and passengers of party buses operated by Colorado Cannabis Tours and My 420 Tours today, according to company representatives. … read more at:

Mayor Kevin Faulconer announces his proposal for short-term rental regulations. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz San Diego’s vacation rentals have long been stuck in a gray zone: The city attorney has said they’re illegal, but the city’s not doing anything to crack down on them either. That could soon change. On the podcast, hosts Scott […]

Filip Bunkens via flickr Summer camping has it all. There’s nothing like escaping daily life to experience the freedom of the mountains. Leave your worries and trendy food behind so you can eat s’mores and get stoned around a campfire. Go ahead and live your truth by smoking an uplifting sativa and taking artsy selfies […]

New bud-and-breakfast opens next door to cannabis garden Video PLACER COUNTY (CNN) — Looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation rental in California?  There’s one in Placer County that has some… read more at:

COLFAX, CA — Looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation rental? One listed in Placer County has some unique features. “Why not open this up? The laws are changing,” said owner Erin Dean. “It’s all about privacy and relaxation,” said her boyfriend and co-owner Chance. Read more on CBS Sacramento. –Photo via Shutterstock Get the Sacramento newsletter […]

In his classic essay Civil Disobedience, OG transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau wrote that “if a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so too a man.” Thoreau didn’t have cannabis in mind, particularly, but his larger point—that it’s the sacred duty of all citizens to live according to our natures, and resist […]

Welcome to The National Today newsletter, which takes a closer look at what’s happening around some of the day’s most notable stories. Sign up here and it will be delivered directly to your inbox Monday to Friday. TODAY: North Korea’s summit delegation is taking full advantage of the trip to Singapore while their hosts pick up the tab Hysteria about […]

For Father’s Day this year, you can skip out on buying yet another tie or taking dad out for a steak dinner with your siblings for the 12th year in a row. Instead, celebrate his special day — cannabis style! In fact, new research from Canada is suggesting that middle-aged men are the most likely to partake […]