Start A Cannabis Business

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Volunteers with the Minority Cannabis Business Association help people in Portland fill out paperwork to clear their marijuana criminal records. The business association plans a similar event in Seattle. (Photo courtesy the Minority Cannabis Business Association.) Although cannabis has been legal in Washington for five years, many of those who had been arrested — who were disproportionately people […]

There’s a crowd of a few dozen people mingling about the Capitol grounds in dark suits, striped ties, power dresses and sunglasses on a summer-like spring day in the nation’s steamy capital. They look like they’re ready for a Republican fundraiser, but they’re actually marijuana business owners – everything from edible bakers to dispensary owners […]

Cannabis has made it to the elite world of high level money managers. Last week the elegant Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills hosted the 2nd annual Cannabis Private Wealth Summit focused on delivering investment information to family offices. The event operator is out of New York with extensive investment conference experience. The Scene Well, even though I […]