Addiction is not a condition that springs to mind when we think of afflictions of the elderly, and yet it probably should be. Until now, alcohol or substance abuse among older patients has received relatively little attention, either as a clinical focus or as a research initiative. But we can no longer afford to neglect […]

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The recreational marijuana market in Oregon will grow beyond flower, into edibles and extracts, in less than a month. Starting June 2, medical marijuana dispensaries registered with the Oregon Health Authority will be able to sell low-dose edibles containing no more than 15 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, and extracts with 1,000 […]

California chef Chris Sayegh is offering L.A. residents a taste of the high life. Sayegh is a traveling haute-cuisine cannabis chef who goes from house to house to serve hungry customers three-course meals, with everything on the menu infused with marijuana. But, like with anything else that seems a little too glamorous, there is a […]

Now that Pennsylvania has legalized medical marijuana, what’s the chance you’ll have a pot-growing operation or dispensary in your neighborhood? It may depend on your local zoning code. That’s the painfully dry development manual that sets block-by-block rules for what kinds of businesses can set up shop in a municipality and what types of homes […]

How could two misfit thirty-something Colorado kids have grown up to create Native Roots, one of the largest legal-marijuana empires in America? Gumption, hard work, impeccable timing and a passion for the plant. Oh, and a superior amount of good fortune in landing a fairy-tale partnership with a telecommunications and real estate millionaire tycoon in […]

Every generation criticizes the next for various reasons. The next is either too rowdy, lacks gumption or is of inferior moral character, which yielding the obligatory “back in my day” speech. These long-winded speeches given by old timers describe an era of unmarred morale and undying love — something millennials “wouldn’t understand.” Today’s proclaimed “heathens,” […]

My mother loves to tell the story about the time she threw a shindig at our house as I was just beginning to walk. Cocktails flowing, music bumping, ganja puffing until mom noticed her stash was gone. Paranoid, she locked the doors and demanded everyone empty their pockets. After several awkward interactions with friends, I […]

In January of this year the governor signed into law the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), which regulates the medical marijuana industry. It creates a regulatory framework for small, local farmers to become licensed, professional business owners who can offer legitimate, permanent employment opportunities, adds to tax revenues and provides environmental protection from […]

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Patients using marijuana could not smoke marijuana flowers nor use cannabis with high levels of THC under revisions expected to be made Wednesday to Ohio’s proposed medical marijuana law.  State lawmakers wrestled with the idea someone would “smoke their medicine” and had initially wanted an appointed commission to decide whether Ohio would […]

PALMER — The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly late Tuesday approved a temporary moratorium on all commercial cannabis operations. The moratorium reflects the Assembly’s desire to wait until local voters in early October decide a borough-wide ban that includes everything but industrial hemp. The Assembly unanimously put on hold any applications for marijuana businesses including cultivation, testing, manufacture […]